Westwood College, a for-profit college owned by Alta Colleges Inc., announced on January 27, 2016, that it would close its doors effective March 2016. Students were informed they should choose another school by mid-February if they want to continue with a partner school.

The school had previously announced on November 11, 2015 that it would stop enrolling new students.

In a statement released by the school on January 27, the college stated that it had been through an extended period of declining enrollments due to market shifts and changes in the regulatory environment. Since making the announcement to discontinue all new student enrollments, Westwood had been focused on developing a transition plan for students to complete their education.

After identifying and contracting with other schools to provide options for students to complete their education, Westwood decided that the January 2016 Term will be the last term taught at Westwood College.

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