Free Live Webinar: How To Pay Your Federal Student Loans (Even If You’re Broke)

With Student Loan Lawyer, Jay S. Fleischman

Wednesday, October 21st

  • 12:00PM – 1:00PM Pacific (Los Angeles)
  • 2:00PM – 3:00PM Central (Chicago)
  • 3:00PM – 4:00PM Eastern (New York)
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For Wednesday, October 21st
  • Why only three pages on your website should receive the bulk of your attention, energy, and focus. (If you focus on these three pages, you can ignore almost all the others and still increase your sales). This is about focus. Pay attention to these three pages and you’ll profit. Ignore them and you will struggle.
  • How to turn any business site into a lead-generation machine: It doesn’t matter whether you just started your business or you’re the Marketing Director of a major corporation. We’ll show you 4 simple steps you can take now to transform your website into a powerful lead-generation tool, so you can grow your list + boost your sales
  • The highest-converting landing page + lead magnet we have ever seen. This simple landing page + lead magnet combination has out-converted every other landing page and lead magnet we have ever tested — even though it only took us 30 minutes to set it up. 
  • The #1 biggest mistake that even the best marketers in the world make. Make this mistake and you will continually ignore your best, hottest leads. Avoid this mistake and you’ll turn this missed opportunity into an entirely new sales channel for your business. (We’ll show you how to avoid this mistake in less than 5 minutes.)
  • Why (and how) you can use any piece of content to grow your list. If you’re creating blog posts, podcasts, or any other piece of content for your business, you can use that content to generate leads. We’ll show you a simple 5-minute tweak that makes that possible. (Hint: This one tactic has boosted our site-wide opt-ins from 0.5% to 10%.)
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For Wednesday, October 21st

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