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If you’ve got student loan problems then there’s a good chance I can help guide you – either directly or by putting you in touch with someone in your area.

Nationwide Consulting Services

Federal Student Loans

  • Lower Your Monthly Payments
  • Student Loan Forgiveness Programs
  • Student Loan Consolidation
  • Rehabilitate Defaulted Student Loans
  • Stop Administrative Wage Garnishment
  • Avoid Tax Refund Offset

Private Student Loans

  • Understanding Your Loan Terms
  • Review of Guarantor Release Options
  • Settlement Options for Private Loans
  • Private Student Loan Refinancing
  • Dealing With Debt Collectors

New Grads and Parents

  • Understanding Your Loans
  • Guarantor and Cosigner Options
  • Choosing the Right Payment Plan
  • Federal Student Loan Forgiveness
  • Budgeting for Student Loan Success

Defaulted Student Loans

  • Settlement Options for Private Loans
  • Dealing With Debt Collectors
  • Refinancing, Consolidating and Rehabilitation
  • Wage Garnishment and Tax Refund Offset
  • Impact of Default on Guarantors, Cosigners and Spouses

Legal Representation

New York and California Only

I am licensed to practice law in New York and California only. Therefore, I can’t represent you in legal proceedings in any other state. Though we may be able to talk about bankruptcy or being sued in state court for collection matters, those discussions will be general in nature only unless you live in New York or California.

If your situation requires a lawyer then I may be able to help you find someone qualified in your area.

Lawsuit Defense

  • Avoid Default Judgment
  • Verify Ownership of the Loan
  • Confirm Accounting and Balance Due
  • Negotiate the Best Possible Settlement
  • Represent You at All Stages of Court Proceedings


  • Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Representation
  • Wipe Out Debts So You Can Afford Your Student Loans
  • Student Loan Discharge Actions
  • Court-Supervised Student Loan Restructuring


$5000one time only
  • Federal Student Loan Review by Email


$15000one time only
  • Federal and Private Student Loan Review by Phone
  • Analysis of Repayment and Settlement Options
  • Student Loan Forgiveness Options
  • Consolidation and Refinance Review
  • Student Loan Default Avoidance
  • Recording of Analysis Sent to You by Email in mp3 Format


  • Everything Included In Gold Package As Well As
  • Credit Report Review and Dispute of Inaccurate Information
  • Customized Cease and Desist Letters To All Debt Collectors
  • Monthly 30 Minute Follow-Up Phone Calls
  • Recording of All Phones Calls Sent to You by Email in mp3 Format

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