About Jay Fleischman

I've been a consumer protection lawyer for the past 20 years, helping people get out of debt, battle abusive debt collectors, and correct credit reporting errors. As student loan lawyer and advocate, I've traveled around the country working hard for your rights. Now I'm presenting my best thinking here so you can get your student loans under control.

How to Manage Your Student Loans When You Have ADHD

October is ADHD Awareness Month and the 2016 theme is “Knowing is Better.” So we’re going to talk about knowing the best way to keep your student loans under control using accommodations to maximize your chances for success.

ADHD is a brain syndrome that has impairs […]

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Adam Minsky and Jay Fleischman Live at FinCon16

Jay Fleischman is joined by Adam Minsky, a fellow student loan lawyer based in Boston. During this episode, recorded live at FinCon16 in San Diego, we talk about:

  • Why only 40% of federal student loan borrowers are in an active repayment plan;
  • The reason why […]
By |2016-11-07T21:05:55-07:00October 4th, 2016|
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